A Mouse of Thousand Faces
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The Mickey craze of the early 1930s is one of media history's greatest phenomena and play an important part in our book.

This period also marked the heyday of elaborate Mickey merchandise which, nowadays, is among the most sought-after Disney memorabilia.

With his iconic design, perfected by Fred Moore, Mickey cut a rather dashing figure, as dynamic as Streamline Art Deco.

Some Mickey fans who grew up with him in this era were dismayed to see that the studio would consider changing a design which, in their eyes, was simply perfect.

Artist Maurice Sendak, whose character Max in Where the wild Things Are was based on Mickey, declared: "That golden Mickey metamorphosed, also, into less original forms at the end of his first decade" .

But Walt Disney would not have become known as a perpetual innovator had he not chosen to evolve his most famous creation. And yet the story of linear progression, which is how Mickey's biography is often laid out, does not do justice to the numerous, often parallel, developments.

It is more akin to the famous images of Mickey from different eras, passing the animator's pencil from one to the next.


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